Welcome to the random page. This is where I generally put content I have no set home for, or which doesn't warrant a fully fledged dedicated site of its own.

Things you might encounter:

  • Programming Projects
  • Electronics Projects
  • Analyses/Breakdowns of things that catch my interest
  • A whole lot of opinions!

Please use the navigation tags on the right of the screen for general navigation, every so often I'll put direct links somewhere on the front page if I post something new or particularly interesting...

Update - June 2013:

Thanks to ongoing issues with spam on guestbook pages, I will be implementing some changes in the future to mitigate this. In the meantime, legitimate comments may not be displayed, although they will appear later on once I have the spam problem sorted. Initial investigations show a vast quantity of the spam coming from China. I really don't want to have to block an entire country but if this does not stop I will do so.